Manufacture Policies & Warranties

Docks & Accessories

Advice for on-post dock: Need to be installed in less than 6’ depth of water. On-post docks are not built to moor a boat for long hours or without any supervision.

For your own security, we suggest that you often verify all your connection (brackets, bolts, lock for panels, etc…) to make sure they are always strong enough.

Wood panels & wood accessories

We are not responsible for cracking, warping, fading, bulge or any other reactions on our wooden post, wooden cables or panels. The wood is an alive material, so it is very normal that he reacts to bad weather, which brings the natural beauty of it. Our wooden cables are made of natural fibres and they need to be stored in a dry place.

PLEASE read all Safety Precaution label/sticker on our products to have more information about them.

Lift – Boat, pontoon, small craft or PWC

  • To be able to choose the proper lift for your boat, you need to know the exact weight of it, including the engine and all the added weight such as the gas, the oil, the battery, the accessories or anything else. If the weight is too close to the limit, we suggest you take a model with a larger capacity.
  • During the installation of your lift, it is extremely important to put the lift to the level by adjusting the legs to make sure that no cables receive more pressure than another does.
  • At the end of the season, it is essential to remove your lift from the water and store it somewhere that the ice cannot reach it. It is the same for your docks. A boatlift that stays in the water during winter will not be covered under our warranty.

The Lighthouse Docks includes a ten years (10) warranty on all their soldering, five years (5) warranty on all aluminum structures of its docks and lifts. A two year (2) warranty applies to the mechanical components as well as all accessories pertaining to the mechanical components. This guarantee applies to a normal usage of our products. Damages may occur if caution is not taking cared, especially during bad weather with strong winds, by not taking the weight of the boat into account. In such situation, the boat should be anchored away from the dock or on his trailer out of the water. During the warranty period, The Lighthouse Docks will repair or replace the defective part without any charges. However, if The Lighthouse Docks consider that the warranty conditions have not been respected, repair and shipping fees will be invoiced to the purchaser. The warranty offered by The Lighthouse Docks covers the PRODUCTS only, not the labour.


  • Damages caused by abuse, accident, weight exceeding the maximum capacity, improper usage, poor judgment, improper assembly or installation, improper use, negligence, inadequate storage;
  • All damages caused by a repair shop who’s not authorized by The Lighthouse Docks;
  • Any modifications to the product;
  • Acts of Mother Nature (wind, waves, rain etc…);
  • Damages caused by ice;
  • Installation or removal fees.
  • The Lighthouse Docks does not suggest removing all your docks at once, like a train. If you try to remove all your on-wheels docks at the same time, there is a high possibility of a break. We suggest, even if you have wheels under your dock, to remove them one by one.


Warranty Request

All warranty claims must be sent to this email address: with the following information:

  • Pictures (near and far away from the break, the whole product, the condition where the product is installed)
  • Reason and explanation of the break
  • Date of purchase at the dealer (proof)